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The Moon Jar:
A Shared Pleasure

15th Nov - 21st Dec 2019   |  Han Collection

It is already the third time working as a painter and in pottery with Kangsan...

Overwhelmed with the underserved attention and the thrilling impression of the ceramic painting that has been reborn in the midst of numerous trials and difficulties whereby I had been constantly on the run for 10 years to be satisfied with a high quality of work, each day I feel the artistic spirit of the painters and potters of the Chosun Dynasty, with the heart of polishing porcelain every day. The white porcelain of Chosun Dynasty holds various forms and colors. In particular, the moon jar, unique to the Chosun Dynasty which appeared in the mid to late 17th century and became popular until the mid-18th century, is regarded

as the essence of Chosun’s white porcelain, with a glimpse of ‘jeoljaemi (understatement)’, which was intended to be a philosophy of life in this moon jar which expresses the smooth form of beauty and friendly nature of the Chosun Dynasty in an abstract form unlike those from China or Japan.

Since the moon jar uses reduction firing (환원소성), it holds many colors such as oily gray resembling milk, pure white like snow, cloudy gray, energetic white, etc. depending on the kiln firing and soil, and its characteristics may be found from the various colors on the pods that emerged on the surface of the moon jar, since the pottery were made for certain special needs at the time.

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