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Icheon Ceramic by Han Collection

Han Collection proudly partners with Icheon Ceramic to bring works of art of exceptional quality and superb craftsmanship to the UK.

Click below to see the most recent catalogue for our activities with Icheon, and our exhibition of the region's most distinguished artists.


Moon Jar by Min Seungki, Ye Studio, courtesy Icheon Ceramic

Icheon: the heart of Korean ceramic production 

Icheon is a small city to the south-east of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Since 2010, it has been designated as a UNESCO City for Arts and Folk Art. It is home to about 400 studios where Korean ceramic Masters and artists tirelessly pursue beauty and elegance, combining ancient techniques and modern sensibilities. 

Korea has a long history of ceramic production, dating back as early as the 5th century. Characteristic shapes and techniques evolve over time, but many are still recognisable today in contemporary pieces.

In Icheon, ceramic tradition is preserved and passed on: techniques indigenous to Korea, such as buncheong, inlaid celadon, white porcelain and comb-pattern are employed in the creation of tableware and ornamental objects.  Shapes distinctive to Korean ceramic tradition, such as the iconic moon jar, are not merely replicated, but instead they are recreated and reinterpreted.

The Masters and artists of Icheon

Icheon Ceramic Masters and artists have all different styles and preferred techniques. Nonetheless, most of them experiment with different shapes, traditions and textures in the course of their career, developing a varied art practice that embodies the diversity within Korean ceramic tradition

Some are very young, talented artists, others are long-time practicioners and researhcers in the field with over 20 years of experience. 

The level of achievement and dedication is impressive and such commitment granted some of them the title of Master or even Living Treasure.

ye studio_4567.JPG

Flask by Han Dohyun, Ye Studio, courtesy Icheon Ceramic

Images from Collect 2023 Fair

ye studio_4554.JPG

Flask by Kim Seyoung, Ye Studio, courtesy Icheon Ceramic

Icheon Ceramic's international appeal 


Korean ceramics and the expertise of its ​representatives had a strong influence on neighbouring Asian countries and is still today synonym to outstanding results and elegance. 

It is now being recognised across the world for its exquisite craftsmanship and distinct features and character. Moreover, it is internationally appreciated as the pieces combine modern sensibilities with ancient traditions and  therefore easily suit any environment.


These pieces are true luxury goods, capable of speaking to international and domestic viewers alike.

In this video, the Icheon Ceramic Masters and artists are at work, showing the process involved in the creation of these stunning works of art.

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