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Kim Pan-ki

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Kim Pan-ki is an Icheon Ceramic Master who has been practicing in the field for many, many years. The artist works across several techniques, such as buncheong, celadon and white porcelain, and creates both tableware and ornamental pieces. Especially recognisable is his tableware combining comb-pattern, a technique indigenous to Korea of Neolithic origin, and celadon. 

Kim trained as a painter before focusing on ceramics after an encounter with the Goryeo period celadon masterpieces at the National Museum of Korea. At the age of 25, he travelled to Icheon, the world famous ceramics centre, where he worked at a number of workshops learning the art of the potter. After 10 years he established his own studio and went on to become a Ceramics Master. 

Portrait of Kim Pan-ki. Image courtesy the artist.

Kim Pan-ki won the acclaimed Korean Donga Craft Award in 2000, was represented at the Gyeonggi International Biennale in 2015. His works have been shown at a number of international exhibitions, including Collect Fair 2020 and 2019 (London, UK), 2017 La Triennale di Milano (Milan, Italy), as well as shows in Paris (France) and Stuttgart (Germany). His work is present in several public collections, most notably the Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Japan, the Icheon World Ceramic Center, Korea and the Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, China.

Available pieces

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