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Lee Hyang-koo


Lee Hyang-koo’s works show the artist’s appreciation for detail. Low relief and open-work are the two main elements that characterise the artist’s pieces. Minute decorative elements, such as flowers or Buddhas, are repeated across the whole body of the pots in a seemingly endless fashion. 

Portrait of Lee Hyang-koo. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Intricate open-work can be used as the main form of decoration or can be combined with different glazes or figurative decorations.


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Selected Exhibitions

2019 “Masters” exhibition, Tongin gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018 Salon International Du Patrimoine Culturel, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

Selected Collections

UNESCO, Paris, France
Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai, China American Museum of Ceramic Art“AMOCA”, Pomona, USA The World Ceramic Center, Icheon, Korea

Media, techniques and areas of interest

Korean ceramic tradition, white porcelain, jars, vases, home decor, open-work, low relief

Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

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