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Lee Song-am

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Lee Song-am is a young potter whose age doesn't reflect the maturity of his works. Born in the 1990's, he has already exhibited his pieces both on a domestic level and internationally. 

The artist creates vessels of different sizes and shapes, which recall tradition with a modern, perhaps architectural, quality.

Portrait of Lee Song-am. Image courtesy the artist.

Lee first approached pottery when he was still a high school student. After ten years of research, trying, and failing, the artist still believes that there is always an opportunity to learn more when it comes to pottery.

About his creative process, the artist stated that he doesn’t sketch or takes notes, but rather he keeps some images or ideas in his mind and then gives them a shape and body on the wheel.

Most of Lee’s work is black and that is because black, according to the artist, is the colour that can reveal the form of the work or silhouette most strongly, and it is also a means to express an invisible inner image.


Image courtesy the artist.

His signature colour is a deep black, which is especially charming on the trimmed surfaces of his pots. 

The artist starts working on the wheel and then trims and twists

the body of the pots. As a result, the pieces present unique yet atypical shapes and are reminiscent of the distinct quality of Goryeo and Joseon ceramics covered in a black glaze.

¿Ãº€æœ           Lee Song-am.JPG

Portrait of Lee Song-am. Image courtesy the artist and Icheon Ceramic.

The artist exhibited his works in South Korea and internationally in London, UK and China.

2020 Collect, London, UK

2019 Korea Ceramic Exposition, Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair Center, Jingdezhen, China

2016 Solo exposition, Jibokdeuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Media, techniques and areas of interest

Korean ceramic tradition, stoneware, tableware, jars, vases, home decor, black glaze, Goryeo pottery

Ye Studio. Images courtesy the artist and Icheon Ceramic.

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