Moon Jar

18th century, Porcelain


Moon Jars derive their name from their resemblance to the full moon, both being large and round. This piece is an excellent example of Josen white porcelain, production of which flouished during the artistic and literary renaissance enjoyed by the dynasty under kings Yeongjo(1724-76) and Jeongjo(1776-1800). During the first half of the eighteenth century, the royal kilns at Geumsa-ri in Gwangju, produced milky white porcelains of exceptionally high quality liked full moon jar. The hight of a moon jar is roughtly equal to its radius at its widest point. To circumbent the difficulty of creating a large jar measuring some sixteen inches in hight, each vessel was made in two halves that were joined together. Therefore, all moon jars display a seam across the middle of body, and are not perfectly spherial in shape. This slight flaw lends a more natural, organic quality to the jar, reminiscent of the moon itself, which often appears slightly misshapen.

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