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Park Rae-heon


Park is an Icheon Ceramic Master who specialises in buncheong. The artist’s style is very distinctive, featuring figurative decoration depicted within intricate patterns. 

Portrait of Park Rae-heon. Image courtesy the artist and Icheon Ceramic.


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Park explores predominantly natural motifs, such as landscapes, flowers and animals.

He embraces the earthy colours typical of the buncheong technique and uses white slip covered by transparent glaze to decorate his pots.


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Collect, London, UK
2018 Salon International Du Patrimoine Culturell, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2017 “Korea-China Ceramicist” Exchange Exhibition, Changnan Museum. Jingdezhen, China

Media, techniques and areas of interest

Buncheong, Korean traditional ceramic technique, jars, vases, figurative decoration, home decor

Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

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