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H5cm D8.6cm

Fluted Lidded Pot

  • Kim Sangin’s white porcelain shows not only the creativity of the artist, but also recalls the traditional beauty of Korean ceramic itself. In his works he moulds the refined techniques of the ancient masters both into traditionally recognisable forms and into new creations. Each work is defined by a bold clarity and timeless allure.

    Graduated from Chung Ang University majoring in ceramics and has a PhD.
    2011 – Annabini Gallery Seoul Exhibition
    2014 – Turkey and Korean Ceramic Exhibition, Seoul

    2015 – Mason and Objet, Paris

    • -  Kitchen Utensil Exhibition, Gong Gallery, Seoul

    • -  Jingdezhen International Ceramic Exhibition

    • -  Gwang Ju Design Biennale

      2016 – At Korean National Craft Competition awarded first prize Presidents award

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