Flattened Vase

18th century, Porcelain


A Flattened Vase with Soft and Delicate Incised Floral Pattern Joseon dynasty (1392-1897), 16th century Height: 20cm 분청사기편병 This 16th-century vessel is a clean and clear white in colour Buncheong jar, which features a floral motif incised into the decorative white slip. Many Buncheong wares were either coloured with white glaze or a powder/blue-green glaze, with either incised decoration or simple patterns, motifs, and symbols painted and dipped on. This item shows the clear link between porcelain wares and Buncheong wares also share, due to the delicate colouring and soft nature of the design. Provenance: Private American Collection - Nevada 

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