Vase in Simple White Slip Glaze

16th century, Porcelain


A Vase in Simple White Slip Glaze with Incised Decoration of Flowers and Lines Joseon dynasty (1392-1897), 16th century Height: 31cm 분청사기당초문병 This 16th-century vessel is a long-necked Buncheong vase, covered in simple white slip glaze with clearly incised decorations of flowers and lines. We can also see the brush strokes of the potter, where they had applied the white glaze to the vessel, which also adds a certain amount of drama and movement to the piece. This piece also showcases a style which is leaning much more towards porcelain styles of the Joseon Dynasty. With white glaze and sharp fine, somewhat geometric lines for decoration, this shows the evolution of Buncheong wares. Provenance: Private American Collection - Nevada 

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