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Yon Ho-kyung


Yon Ho-kyung is fascinated by the simplicity of the buncheong ware, the authenticity of the inlay technique and the improvised,

free-spirited nature of the pinching technique. The artist enjoys trying out particular materials or techniques in her practice. 

Portrait of Yon Ho-kyung. Image courtesy the artist and Icheon Ceramic.


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Yon takes inspiration from her past and daily life to create her works, which she decorates with figurative decoration or even short phrases. 


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Selected Exhibitions

2019 BUKAK Ceramic Artist Group Exhibition, Charm-Learn Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 london START art fair by Kunst1, Saatchi gallery, London, UK

Media, techniques and areas of interest

Buncheong, Korean traditional ceramic technique, pinching, vases, cobalt blue, home decor

Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

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