Han Collection was founded in 2006 in South West London, recently opening a gallery in a vibrant spot near British Museum regarded as the foremost cultural area in London.


Alongside with specialty Korean antiques and arts including ceramics, mother of pearl inlay, lacquer ware, woodwork, furniture, prints, paintings, and Buddhist art we have also been putting effort into modern and contemporary art from Korea. Through our commitment and expertise we represent exceptional Korean antiques and arts that express an authentic vision, excellent craftsmanship, and an intellectual engagement with the world audiences.

With an international curatorial team, promoting Korean traditional arts and cultural events in London and elsewhere, Han Collection primarily aims to interpret both Korean workmanship and their professional capacity to world audiences. One such example of this commitment is our Korean Lacquer-ware with Mother of Pearl Inlaid exhibition, which represents both traditional and contemporary craftsmanship with different inspiration, techniques and ideas. Hence, our clients are ranged from museums to private collectors who looking for beautiful and authentic Korean arts to furnish their home or work space.

Antique and Art Advisory


Han Collection is pleased offer antique and art advisory and appraisal service to both individual and corporate clients. Site visits to homes and offices can be arranged, and we are happy to work with clients to provide antique and art which reflects personal taste or captures the ethos of a museum and gallery or private company. With our experience and speicality on Korean antiques and arts, Han Collection is able to source a wide range of Korean antiques and arts for every situation.   

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