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18th April - 11th May 2024

"Objects for Propriety" serves as a profound reflection on the concept of Korean cultural etiquette. With meticulous detail, Shin explores the intricate nuances of Korean societal norms and customs, presenting a captivating array of ceramic pieces that mirror the essence of propriety in Korean culture.

At the heart of the exhibition lies Shin Chul's poignant interpretations of ancestral rituals, deeply embedded in the fabric of Korean heritage. Through his masterfully crafted ceramic vessels, Shin Chul pays homage to the enduring traditions of Chesa and other ancestral rites, offering viewers a glimpse into the spiritual and cultural essence of Korea.

Shin Chul Instagram.jpg


23rd Nov - 14th Dec 2023

Throughout Korean history, sculptural works depicting humans and animals have served as more than mere representations of their subjcts; they have been vessels of greater significance. Beyond their physical attributes, these sculptures carry narratives, cultural ethos, and societal values, offering glimpses into the intricate tapestry of Korean tradition.


Throughout this exhibition, our aim is to illustrate the transformative nature of Korean soil. We aim to delve into a deeper understanding of ‘Koreanness’ within the framework of cultural memory, and demonstrate that like the art which we see around us, we too come from the very same earth.

Shin Sang-ho Promo.jpg

TIMELESS ECHOES: Revealing Rare Korean Antiques


19th June - 8th July 2023

Timeless Echoes Promo.jpg

Discover the hidden treasures of Korean art at the "Timeless Echoes" exhibition, a captivating showcase of rare and never-before-seen antique pieces from the prestigious Han Collection. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Korean history as you witness the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty of these remarkable artworks. From delicate ceramics and elegant paintings to ornate furniture, each piece tells a captivating story and offers a glimpse into Korea's cultural legacy. Join us on a journey through time, where art and history converge, and experience the allure of these hidden gems that have remained unseen by the public until now. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to delve into the rich artistic heritage of Korea and appreciate the profound impact of art on shaping cultural identities.

Shin Sang-ho:
The Mind of a Master

18th May - 17th June 2023
A Han Collection Special Solo Exhibition

Shin Sang-ho is a renowned ceramic artist from South Korea who is known for his unique style that combines traditional Korean pottery techniques with contemporary design. Born in 1947 in Gyeonggi Province, Shin Sang-ho studied ceramics at Hongik University in Seoul and has since become one of the most prominent ceramic artists in the country.


Shin Sang-ho's work is characterized by his use of simple shapes and earthy colors, which give his pieces a sense of natural beauty and serenity. He is particularly known for his use of the buncheong technique, a traditional Korean pottery technique that involves applying a white slip to the surface of the clay before firing to create a textured, stone-like finish.


Shin Sang-ho's work has been exhibited widely both in Korea and internationally, and has won numerous awards and honors. His pieces can be found in the permanent collections of the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada.


In addition to his artistic work, Shin Sang-ho is also committed to teaching and promoting traditional Korean pottery techniques. He has taught at a number of universities and institutions throughout Korea and internationally, such as the Royal College of Art from 1995-1997, and has also traveled to other countries to share his knowledge and expertise at Academic Symposiums.

SABAL: Playing with Fire

Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 12.46.26.png

03 - 23/02/2023

This exhibition of Korean Tea Bowls demonstrates the beautiful and diverse forms of Korean ‘Sabal’, as well as the naturally extravagant hues of the hoeryeong glaze.

Two artists will participate in this exhibition. Kim Byung-yeoul - a seasoned professor in ceramic art and craft, and Shin Chul - a master potter of teabowls, whom we have exhibited before at Collect Fair 2020 and 2021. Both potters present their own style and interpretations of the hoeryeong glaze - a glazing style which finds it origins some time during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea (1392-1897).


Kim Pan-ki and Lee Chae: Stories of Serenity                          06/10 - 02/11/22

Join us at Han Collection as we celebrate two artists who work in different mediums to produce artworks which exude tranquility, serenity and mindfulness.

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 12.13.09.png
Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 12.13.42.png

Transcending Time:
Traditional and Contemporary Interpretations of the Moon Jar

moon jar promo 2.jpg
Minhwa: Discovering the Charm of Korean Folk Painting
2nd June - 31st July 2022

Minhwa is a genre of folk painting which developed within Korea during the Joseon dynasty (1392-1897). Today, the tradition of Minhwa is being kept alive by folk artists across South Korea. The tradition has been recognised internationally for its character and charm, especially for its stylised animal paintings, bright colours, and depictions of traditional Korean architecture, historical style and culture. Featured in this exhibition are three Minhwa artists - Ilran Kim Hye-joong, Kim Sun-young, and Kim Yeong-ok - currently practicing today. Han Collection proudly present their exquisite Minhwa paintings, and are thrilled to partner with them to bring the character of Minhwa to London.

A Sensory Awakening:
The Beauty of Korean Teabowls

3rd -30th March 2022
Teabowl Invite.jpg

Divine Craftsmanship:

Korean Art through the Ages
30 October - 30 November 2021

Join us as we celebrate the arts of Korea though its dynastic past. This comprehensive introduction to Korean Art History will cover the Three Kingdoms, Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties, and will feature antiques, ceramics and paintings.

divine craftsmanship.png
Baekja - A Story of Korean Porcelain 
20 May 2021 - 15 August 2021  |  Han Collection

A special exhibition featuring white porcelain pieces, some dating back as far as the 15th century. 


Special Exhibition: Buncheong


Novemeber 2020   |  Han Collection

A special exhibition featuring buncheong pieces, some dating back as far as the 15th century. 

Special Exhibition Buncheong

The Aesthetic of the Korea Scholar:
Purity & Virtue


1st Sep - 30th Oct 2020   |  Han Collection

A glimpse into the life of a Joseon Dynasty Korean scholar: ceramics - paintings - furniture .  Read more

Purity & Virtue 2020.jpg

The Moon Jar:
A Shared Pleasure


15th Nov - 21st Dec 2019   |  Han Collection

It is already the third time working as a painter and in pottery with Kangsan... 

Overwhelmed with the underserved attention and the thrilling impression of the ceramic painting that has been reborn in the midst of numerous trials and difficulties whereby I had been constantly on the run for 10 years to be satisfied with a high quality of work, each day I feel the artistic spirit of the painters and potters of the Chosun Dynasty, with the heart of polishing porcelain every day.

Oh Invitation_2019.jpg

Ji Sun Tak:

Legacy of a Master


26th Oct - 13th Nov 2019  |  Han Collection

Event to be held at the following time, date and location:

Saturday, 26 October 2019 at 11:00
- to -
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 at 18:00 (BST)

Ji Sun Tak_Legacy of a Master.jpg

A Colourful Brick Story:

Kim Kang Yong


26th Sep - 24th Oct 2019  |  Han Collection

This exhibition features his wonderfully created pieces of mixed media artworks,
which feature a multitude of bricks, in a variety of settings and placements.
Even though these are 2-D pieces, all are brimming with 3-dimentional hyper
realistic depictions of these bricks, with bright, bold colours, along with some
conventional red-brown coloured bricks

 A Colourful Brick Story 2019 Oct.jpg

The story of Bugok Dobang:

Shin Sang Ho & Yu Byungho


29th Aug - 25th of Sep 2019  |  Han Collection

Refined Posture. Modern. Stylish. Sleek Design.

These are some of the words we can associate with Bugok studio’s Buncheong ware, which consists of a relatively smooth grey body, embellished in various ways with creative use of white slip, creating ever-lasting beauty and appeal.

The Story of Bugok Dobang 2019 Sep.jpg

Take a Moment, A Selection of Korean Crafts.


8th - 12th of May 2019  |  Han Collection

We will be featuring a number of fine Korean Ceramics and Sculpture from contemporary artists Kim Pan Ki, Kim Sang In, Ji Sun Taek, Yoon Hyun Jin and Jae Jun Lee. It would be a pleasure to welcome you to view their exquisite pieces.

Take a Moment, A Selection of Korean Cra

Scenery in my mind


Mon 7th Jan - Mon 14th Jan 2019 |  Han Collection


Graduated from Dankook University, College of Arts, Dept of Oriental Painting (B.F.A) Graduated From National Chiba Academy of Art (M.F.A & PhD. in Oriental Painting: Landscape) Oregan University Visiting Scholar"

Scenery in my mind_2019 Jan.jpg

White and Wisdom: Korean Porcelain


Thu 1st Nov - Sat 10th Nov 2018 |  Han Collection

The Han collection invites you to observe the pure simplicity of the white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty. Created to reflect a dedication Confucian ideals. The beauty of these pieces comes from their naturalness. Their minimalism conveying a sense of modest wisdom which was so highly respected by the literati of Joseon who used these ceramics both in their everyday lives, and, in their dedication to ritual.

White and Wisdom- Korean Porcelain _2018

Capturing the Spirit, Clay Paint and Fire


Thu 11th Oct - Tue 30th Oct 2018 |  Han Collection

"This Autumn the Han Collection invites you to a solo exhibition of important contemporary Korean pottery painter Oh Man-Chul. The exhibition will feature his classic works known for the blending of clay and fire. Oh Man-Chul harmonises pottery and paint capturing the spirit of his subjects with his combination of Sumukhwa and ceramics. In his masterful combining of these two techniques Oh Man-Chul challenges the boundaries between genres simultaneously creating striking yet tranquil imagery. 

Oh Invitation_2018.jpg

into the void


Fri 21st Sep - Wed 10th Oct 2018 |  Han Collection

Han Collection invites you into artist, Shin Yong-il’s world of self-cultivation and enlightenment through a two-pronged approach, utilising both soil and writings from the Jikji; these combined form art that is both full of multiple layers of depth and allows the viewer a place to wander through both visually and mentally, in order to explore their own enlightenment and their own thoughts on language, art and the link with nature and the earth.

Into the Void_Exhibition_2018.09_invitat

Ceramic, embroidery and lacquerware:

A trio of Korean crafts


9 May - 13 May 2018 |  Han Collection

Delve into the unknown yet highly revered quality of ceramic craftsmanship offered by Korean masters of the craft. Korean ceramics have a long, proud and ancient history, not only on the Korean peninsula but all around the world, the pureness of the Korean porcelain is just one example of the exquisite techniques employed by both modern and traditional crafters from the ‘land of the morning calm’


Gyubang: exploring the aesthetic value of Korean handicrafts


1 March - 5 May 2018 |  Han Collection

It is the first exhibition to introduce the Korean boudoir craft in London through the Han Collection. Gyubang (규방) means “boudoir” in Korean, and it was the exclusive space for women in Korean traditional houses. During the Joseon dynasty (1392-1897), the conservative doctrine of Confucianism was the prevailing ideology and it completely restricted the outdoor activity of women.

Buncheong Story


Kim Munho

14 - 28 November 2017  |  Han Collection

This exhibition will showcase Kim Mun Ho’s popular and expressive, Bunchong Bowls, large plates, Bunchong bottles as well as large bowls, to name a few items, thus showing a breadth of talent and skill, which evokes the days of old Korea, whilst still managing to bridge the gap between contemporary and yet influenced by traditional techniques, style and sensibilities.

Cross the Timeline: Korean Ceramics


Asian Week

24th - 31st October 2017  |  Han Collection

The exhibition ‘Cross the Timeline: Korean Ceramics’ is displaying the various types of ceramics across the Goryeo (918-1392) and the Joseon (1392-1897) dynasties of Korea. The green celadon with the auspicious symbols during the Goryeo period represents the profound association with the Buddhism. From the Joseon dynasty, the abstract and experimental methods of Buncheong ceramics indicated that the endeavour of Joseon ceramists to innovate the new style of ceramic. With the introduction of Neo-Confucianism, the white porcelain was considered as the emblem of the culture of Joseon scholars. The exquisite quality and the cultural value of Korean ceramics will heighten the excitement of the exhibition.



Anna Paik

24th - 31st October 2017  |  Han Collection

Schooled in the tradition of western oil painting, London-based South Korean-born painter Anna Paik has for the last ten years infused her Korean spiritual roots in her canvases. In this extraordinary and thought-provoking series of Still Lifes, Paik captures the essence of the human heart through images which evoke the simplicity and purity of Korean Ceramic bowls.


Composed in subtly modulated silvery light and shadow, Paik’s quietly shimmering brushstrokes recall classical ‘sfumato’. Paik transforms the image of a single vessel into a permanent tableau for visual meditation and contemplation.

How brilliant is the love of clay and fire


Oh Man Chul

5th - 21st October 2017  |  Han Collection

This exhibition will focus on the large porcelain sheets, with which the potter/painter is synonyms with, and will demonstrate the deep and delicate connection between the fire and the clay, and by extension the paint, which is altered by the fire. This time, these plates are painted to show the traditional and special Korean ‘Moon jar’, with also the inclusion of two traditionally handmade Moon jars, created by Oh Manchul himself. The opening night will also see Oh creating his paintings on traditional Korean paper for the audiences enjoy and wonderment, which will also be accompanied by a live playing of traditional Korean music, using traditional instruments.

Between HEART & MIND
20th - 30th September 2017  |  Han Collection

This exhibition is an exploration of the space between one’s heart and mind and through a quiet contemplation and meditation over one’s thoughts and the yin-yang forces in the world.

This is illustrated by Soon Yul Kang’s expert usage of traditional style Korean mulberry paper, known as Hanji, which has ritualistic aspects in making and practical side in living. With using powerful and emotive words such as Love, Heart/Mind and Mother, these words are handwritten and then collaged to form the artworks; using contrasting colours, such as blue and red and black and white, she imbues the artworks with a sense of peace, yet thoughtfulness.

paper man:

lee joo-youn


7th Jun - 21st Jun 2017  |  Han Collection

Far from the commercial super heroes of comics and movies, Paper Man lives in the lightness and destructibility of a sheet of paper. Shifting wind can blow him away.

But when Paper Man allies himself and finds emotional unity with his fellow man, his strength grows with the fertility of common interests.

Underlying the iconic and thematic expression is a notion that democracy rises out of principles of equality. Yet, in Lee Joo-youn’s view of the human condition, overcoming the essential alienation of the individual remains the immense challenge.


Crossing the timelines


5th May - 3rd Jun 2017  |  Han Collection

This new exhibition tells the story of Bunchong wares throughout the years, spanning both vintage and contemporary creations.

Bunchong wares evolved from the earlier Celadon wares and were produced and flourished during the 15th and 16th Century of the Joseon Dynasty (1392 - 1910). It became known for its simple elegant and clear designs, which blended folk beliefs and traditional Korean love of simplicity in their creations. Many Bunchong wares were coloured with either white glaze or a brown glaze, with incised decoration or simple patterns, motifs, and symbols painted on.

Memories of Korea:

Cross-vision from East and West


6th Jan - 28th Jan 2017  |  Han Collection

A collection of woodblock prints from both eastern and western artists, using traditional Japanese woodblock printing techniques along with a mix of western art styles of the time, such as Impressionism and Art Nouveau, show a unique and distinctive side of early 20th century Korea.

Brilliant Hues:

Korean Antiques and Art


21st Nov - 29th Nov 2016  |  Han Collection

Korean Antiques and Art exhibition.


connected moment

Kitty Jun-Im

21st Oct - 29th Oct 2016  |  Han Collection

Each painting begins with a moment of intuition. Intuition becomes a gesture, a series of gestures, a process.

I work alone to connect my intuitions to movements which involve my whole body, for as long as this moment of creation lasts. On each occasion I work with a painting, I recapture those moments of creation and honour them in colour and texture.

Great Encounter: Fire & Clay

Oh Man Chul

22nd Sep - 5th Oct 2016  |  Han Collection

This autumn, Han Collection presented solo exhibition of important contemporary Korean pottery painter Oh Man-Chul. The exhibition will feature his classic works, known for astonishing encounter between clay and fire. These dramatic moments stand as a force of resistance against the idea denying crossover between Korean drawing, western painting, caligraphy and pottery.

From Nature:

Mental Images

Seoung Ku Lee


16th June - 30th June 2016  |  Han Collection

Han Collection is pleased to present ‘From Nature’, an exhibition of works by Seoung Ku Lee Korea. His ‘From Nature’ series begins in early 1990s with the image of human body, and moved to large circular voluminous masses. From 1996 to early 2000s, Lee tried to create a striking contrast of light and dark, and dynamic structures.

Harmony with Nature:

Korean Dansaek-hwa Monochrome art and traditional furniture


6th - 26th May 2016  |  Han Collection

This group exhibition is to showcase natural feature of Korean monochrome art and tradition furniture which provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the aesthetical concept and techniques to these different genres. Korean traditional craftsmanship represents nature through balanced proportion, shape and materials of furniture as Dansaekhwa pursues pure abstraction through organic motifs, geometrical patterns, and careful layering of paint.

The Excellence in Craftsmanship :

Korean Lacquerware inlaid with Mother of Pearl


1st - 12th April 2016  |  Han Collection

Han Collection organized ‘The Excellence in Craftsmanship : Korean Lacquerware Inlaid with Mother of Pearl’ for the 2016’s first special exhibition. This special event presents traditional and contemporary lacquer-ware decorated with mother of pearl inlay which boasting a massive fascination at its patterns, colour, and ornaments with brilliant technical artistry. We hope this exhibition serves as a meaningful opportunity where the beauty of mother of pearl inlaid works and their craftsmanship could be understood and appreciated. 

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