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Antique Collection

Moon Jar

18th century, Joseon Dynasty (1392 - 1897)

White Porcelain, height: 32cm. 


This exceptional Korean moon jar exemplifies the timeless beauty of traditional craftsmanship. Standing at a height of 32 cm, it is meticulously crafted in two halves using the conventional method. The jar's globular body possesses a captivating charm, owing to its subtly diamond-shaped form, a characteristic frequently observed during the period of its creation. Contrary to popular belief, this diamond shape does not diminish the jar's attractiveness; instead, it adds to its aesthetic appeal due to the technique employed in its formation. The jar's surface is adorned with a splendid milky glaze, which, while exhibiting slight imperfections, enhances its overall allure. Notably, the glaze also displays delicate crackling, further adding to its visual allure.


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