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Coin Chest Shaped Porcelain Water Dropper

6cm x 11cm x 8cm, 19th century, Joseon Dynasty (1392 - 1897)

White Porcelain


During the pre-modern times, a water dropper was a necessary item on the scholar's writing desk. To produce liquid ink, the scholar or artist grinds an inkstick with water - applied using the water dropper - on an inkstone. The liquid ink varies in blackness subject to the amount of water added.

This water dropper is shaped like a Joseon dynasty coin chest. The front features a padlock formed from the porcelain clay, and more details can be seen on the sop surface, where the traditional Korean latch has been sonctructed.The border lines of the water dropper are incised, giving a subtle decoration to the plain surface. The distinctiveness and attractiveness of this piece stems from its rejection of complexity.

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