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Yun Jun-ho

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Portrait of Yun Jun-ho. Image courtesy the artist

Artist Statement

<The Life I Live + Goheung>

I work on the theme of The Life I Live. It is not someone else’s life, it is my own story. We are all subjects of our own lives. Among many jobs, I chose to work with clay; to express myself and my emotions as a human being. Korean Buncheong ware is a genre of pottery that flourished from the 14th to the 16th century. It is a ceramic made by the people who lived in the moment. They were able to capture their “life” and their “present” in the rough clay. Now living in the 21st century, I do not make Buncheong ware based on the past, but I aim to demonstrate The Life I Live. I live in the present. I want to permeate the characteristics of the Goheung area, and implant my own subjective emotions into my work.

Human beings are just one small existence in the grand scheme of the universe; in nature, the great physicality. I want my presence to blend with the hump. It is transformed into a material that does not decompose easily. I want to remain as an existence that can play a role, just as the fired clay plays its role. I hope it contains my story. I hope to assimilate into the substance. When matter and the mind become one, something truly new is created. It is not about admiring an object; a moment, but in fact it is admiring the spirit embedded and intact within the piece. I think it is a process that is created through self-discipline. I wish to become an artist who creates and shares work that can have a good influence on others, through living my own life.

Available pieces

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