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What's on at Han Collection


Throughout Korean history, sculptural works depicting humans and animals have served as more than mere representations of their subjcts; they have been vessels of greater significance. Beyond their physical attributes, these sculptures carry narratives, cultural ethos, and societal values, offering glimpses into the intricate tapestry of Korean tradition.


For this exhibition, Han Collection presents an intriguing collection of ceramic sculptural works crafted by seven esteemed South Korean artists. Each artist, utilising diverse mediums and presenting a wide array of styles and motifs, offers a unique interpretation of the forms they depict. Whether portraying animals or human-like figures, each creation serves as a chapter within the artist’s narrative, reflecting their personal journey in comprehending the interplay between art and nature. These connections, rooted in divinity, serve to bridge the gap between humanity and the art that surrounds us.


Throughout this exhibition, our aim is to illustrate the transformative nature of Korean soil. We aim to delve into a deeper understanding of ‘Koreanness’ within the framework of cultural memory, and demonstrate that like the art which we see around us, we too come from the very same earth.

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