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Do Jae-mo

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Ceramic artist Dansan Do Jae-mo, expresses traditional ceramics in a modern form. Tradition is not a visible style, but rather a spiritual consensus of various cultural phenomena that occur in a certain space for a long time. The artist states that he is interested in recreating the spirit contained within traditional ceramics, making it suit today, rather than simply creating a resemblance of the external form. His expressive brush strokes lie within the harmony of serenity and chaos - contemporary, relatable and yet traditional taking inspiration from the charisma that can only be felt in iron buncheong of the fifteenth Century. These strokes are free and diverse as if they are representing the artist’s thought process and raw emotion. In addition, naturalness is found in the deformity of his pieces; rough and intense textures in the clay are read together with the surface designs, harmonising with the form of the object, creating a rhythm to which the patterns dance across the unsmooth surface of his work. It is this sense of natural freedom that the artist intends to manifest through his artistic process.

Portrait of Do Jae-mo. Image courtesy the artist.

Available pieces

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