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Kim Syyoung

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Portrait of Kim Syyoung

Kim Syyoung is a master of black ceramics with an impeccable reputation worldwide. Mr. Kim is a recipient of the Order of Culture Merit (Hwagwan) from the Korean government in recognition of his passion and dedication for black ceramics for more than 30 years. In 2019 the Victoria and Albert Museum has added his large Moon Jar to their collection. His artwork displays unique colors characterized by a myriad of iridescent spots on the shiny metallic surface. In his hands, the soil is reborn as a unique material with completely different characteristics after being tested under high temperatures ranging from 1,320°C to 1,450° C.


Mr. Kim studied soil and fire to reproduce traditional black ceramics, a Korean tradition that has almost disappeared since the Goryeo dynasty. He started making Korean traditional black ceramics Tea Bowl and Moon Jar based on craftsmanship since 1988.

Available pieces

All inquiries to be sent via email to

2019 Korean Order of Culture Merit Hwagwan Medal
2016 Title of Master of Gangwon Province
1999 Title of Master of Gyeonggi Province
MS. Graduate School of Industry, Yonsei University
BS. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University

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