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Kim Sun-hee


Portrait of Kim Sun-hee

The late Kim Sun-see graduated from Dankook University with a degree in ceramics, before moving onto graduate school in ceramics at Hongik University. In his professional career, Kim served as professor at Seoul Art High School and later Seoul Yale Girls' High School. He then moved onto taking a role as professor at Seoul National University of Education (SNUE).


Awards and Acheievements


1982 ----- Danwon Arts Festival Grand Prize

1987 ----- Seoul Art Festival’s Seoul Art Award, 

         ----- European Ceramic Special Exhibition

2005 ----- POSCO Gallery Special Invitation for Individual Exhibition

         ----- Hwagyeong Pottery 30 years Exhibition invitation

2006 ----- Tongin Gallery Special Invitation and Individual Exhibition

2007 ----- POSCO Art Museum Planning Invitation

Available pieces

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