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Han Do-hyun

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Han Do-hyun works with kaolin, wood ash glaze and copper glaze, among other materials, to

create his stunning works, in which dramatic tones of red are married with white porcelain.

The artist applies these techniques to bottles, vases, round jars and flasks, working across a variety of sizes as well.

Portrait of Han Do-hyun. Image courtesy the artist and Icheon Ceramic.


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Han embraces all the different shades white porcelain can take on when fired: from snow white to a bluish or greenish shade.

No two pieces look exactly the same: every pot is unique, since it is the firing process that defines the final result.


Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Collect, London, UK
2019 “Firewood Kiln Pottery” Special Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center,

Seoul, Korea
2014 “Han Do Hyun’s Porcelain” Exhibition, Lee-Hyung Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2012 “Han Do Hyun’s Porcelain” Exhibition, Gebert Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Fe, USA

Media, techniques and areas of interest

White Porcelain, Korean traditional ceramic technique, round shape, vases, red copper, home decor

Ye Studio. Image courtesy Icheon Ceramic.

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