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Stoneware with a white slip.


Buncheong Lidded Plate with Bird and Tree Design

SKU: KPK2304
  • Kim Pan-ki is a ceramic master who has been practicing in the field for many years. He works across several techniques such as white porcelain, buncheong and celadon; and creates in multiple forms of traditional Korean ceramics such as the moon jar. The artist takes inspiration from traditional korean ceramics and their modest designs, stating that ‘tradition is not only in the external shape that we see, but also in the spirit sustaining the shape’. Kim trained as a painter before focusing on ceramics after an encounter with the Goryeo period celadon masterpieces at the National Museum of Korea. At the age of 25, he travelled to Icheon, the world famous ceramics centre, where he worked at a number of workshops learning the art of the potter. After 10 years he established his own studio and went on to become a Ceramics Master. The artist not only preserves the techniques and aesthetics from traditional Korean ceramics, but also reinvents them for contemporary taste by creating objects which have a timeless and refined beauty.

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