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Shin Chul

Buncheong stoneware with brushed white slip decoration



The term Sanghyeong (像形) refers to ceramic vessels crafted in the likeness of animals. When combined with the term Jun (尊), it denotes vessels meant for containing liquids. Specifically, vessels resembling elephants are termed Sangjun (象尊), while those resembling cattle are termed Huijun (犧尊). Historically, Huijun was used for offering sweet rice wine during the spring and summer primary rites, while Sangjun, was used for containing makgeolli during the spring and summer secondary rites.

Sangjun III

  • Shin Chul graduated with both a B.F.A and M.F.A in Ceramic Design from Dankook University, South Korea. With a career spanning academia, he served as a professor at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries. His pieces reflect his immaculate artistic and technical skills honed over his illustrious career. From graceful moon jars to sleek, minimalist ritual bowls, his works are sought after globally, finding a permanent place in prestigious collections like the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Cernuschi Museum, Paris.

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